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RHINO-STOP™ is the latest innovation in modular car park barrier designs providing superior design, rapid installation and driver confidence. RHINO-STOP™ has been crash tested to comply with and exceed the requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1 for Light Traffic Areas. RHINO-STOP™ may be installed as a standalone post and w-beam guardrail configuration or with balustrade and mesh infill attachments when fall protection for pedestrians is required. The modular design of RHINO-STOP™ and its available attachments allows the system to be configured to suit site requirements using standard components. Developed in response to demand from Australian designers and certifiers, RHINO-STOP™ is an energy- absorbing, semi-rigid barrier providing reduced dynamic deflection. The energy absorbing feature reduces damage to the impacting vehicle and the barrier system. The semi-rigid feature of RHINO- STOP™ reduces the space requirement between fixed object hazards and the barrier, conserving valuable floor space. When compared with spring steel post systems, RHINO-STOP™ provides increased system stability, particularly once a balustrade is attached. The flexible nature of spring steel systems often creates a perceived insecurity of these systems despite a demonstrated ability to safely contain vehicles. RHINO-STOP™ overcomes these issues by providing a stiffer system when compared to spring steel, restoring pedestrian confidence.