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Above & Beyond Concepts’ hot-dip galvanized Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angles comply with the Masonry Structures standard (AS 3700-2011) concerning built-in components for masonry construction.

For corrosion resistance the Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angles exceed the coating mass requirements of the Australian Standard for Hot-dip galvanized (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles (AS/NZS 4680:2006). In so doing, a durability classification of R3 is achieved in accordance with AS/NZS 2699.3:2002, which is the Australian Standard for Built-in components for masonry construction (Part 3: Lintels and shelf angles (durability requirements)). Each Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angle is identified by a metal stamping that identifies Above & Beyond Concepts as the manufacturer, states the R3 durability classification and also signifies compliance with AS/NZS 2699.3.

Structurally, the slotted holes in the Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angles have been sized and positioned in accordance with the Steel structures standard, AS 4100-1998/Amdt 1-2012. The engineering upon which the size and position of the slotted holes is based relies on the grade of steel from which the Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angles are manufactured.

As there are many building systems in which Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angles can be used, the appropriateness of the shelf angle for its intended use and the fastening system (including washers) used to fix the shelf angle must be determined/specified by an engineer or the system/building designer. Any surface to which the shelf angle is to be fixed must be straight and true, and without any surface imperfections that could cause uneven loading of the shelf angle.

Beware of non-compliant products that are not permanently marked in compliance with (and referencing) Australian Standards. Also beware of products that are not permanently marked to identify the manufacturer.

Remediation costs that include the destruction and replacement of masonry over non-compliant or faulty shelf angles will be substantial and reputations of all those involved in the supply of such products will be damaged.

The ABC Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angle has a number off applications which include aerated concrete wall systems (Hebel Power Panels), brick wall systems or kick plates for warehousing and hand railing .

Shelf Angle

ABC Pro Series 125 Shelf Angle - 3000mm
ABC Pro Series 125 Shelf Angle - 3000mm
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